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生頼範義(おおらい のりよし);画家・イラストレーター
Noriyoshi Ohrai : Painter ; Illustrator

Born in Akashi-City, Hyogo Prefecture on 17th November.
Two older brothers, older sisters, five younger siblings.

His family has evacuated from Akashi's great air raid to Sendai-city, Kagoshima prefecture (present · Satsuma Sendai-City). He spend time until high school graduation.

(13歳) 川内市立川内北中学校入学。
(13 years old) Enter Sendai Kita junior high school.
As a junior high school student who was good at drawing since he was young.

(16 years old) Admission to Kagoshima Prefectural Sendai High School. He entered the art department, and he was seen to work hard on drawing alone everyday.

(18 years old) Noriyoshi entered Tokyo University of the Arts. His major was an oil painting. Living in a student dormitory 'Dogakusha' dedicated to students from Kagoshima prefecture. At the same dormitory, he met Yasuko Yamada's brothers who later became his wife.

(21 years old) Left Tokyo University of Arts.

(25 years old) He held his first solo exhibition in Ginza, but he could not sell even a picture.

(27 years old) Married a friend's younger sister, Yasuko Yamada. He began work to draw newspaper advertisements and magazine illustrations by subcontractors of advertising agencies.

(31 years old) He illustrated all the works of"Eiji Yoshikawa Complete Works" which was the 60th anniversary publication of Kodansha. A big hit was recorded.

(33 years old) Illustrated to the illustration "Contemporary Family Medicine" by request from Gakken research.

(36 years old) Cover illustration of "The Crest of the Wolf(Ookami no Monsho)" by Kazumasa Hirai.

(37 years old) Cover illustration of "Virus(Fukkatsu no hi)" by Sakyo Komatsu.

(38 years old) Emigrated to Miyazaki city, Miyazaki prefecture.
He drew a poster of the movie "Japan Sink(Nippon Chinbotsu)".

(42歳)このころ小松左京原作の『復活の日』(1980 年公開)映画化のため、海外のスタッフ用のストーリー説明のためのイメージボード25 点が制作される。
(42 years old)At this 25 pieces of image boards for story explanation for overseas staff were produced for the movie conversion of Komatsu Sakyo's original "Virus(Fukkatsu no Hi)" (released in 1980).

(43歳)徳間書店刊『決定版スペースSF 映画の本』に『スター・ウォーズ』のイラストレーションを提供。
生賴の描いた『スター ・ウォーズ』の世界観と画力から生賴を評価し、配給の20 世紀フォックスを通じ次回作『スター・ウォーズ / 帝国の逆襲』のポスター制作を後に依頼する。
(43 years old) Illustration of "Star Wars" is offered to "Book of Sci-Fi Movies" published by Tokuma Shoten.
Evaluate his confidence from the world view and painting power of "Star Wars" drawn by trustees and ask later for poster production of the sequel "Star Wars / Empire Strikes" through Japan branch of20th Century Fox.

(45歳)『スター・ウォーズ / 帝国の逆襲』が公開された。生賴の描いた国際版ポスターが劇場を飾る。その活躍は日本中の映画・SFファンの誇りとなり、日本 SF 大会において星雲賞 アート部門を授与される。
徳間書店刊〈SFアドベンチャー〉表紙を描きはじめる。(1987 年 12月まで)初の画集『生賴範義 イラストレーション』を徳間書店から刊行。
(45 years old) "Star Wars / Empire Strikes Back" was released. An international version poster drawn by Yutaka has displayed a theater.
He was proud of movies and Sci-Fi fans all over Japan and was awarded the Nebula Award Art Section at the Japan SF Convention.
Published by Tokuma Shoten <SF Adventure> He drew a cover page. (Until December 1987). First book collection "Noriyoshi Ohrai;Illustration" was published by Tokuma Shoten.

(46歳)11月 宮崎市の青木画廊にて「生賴範義油彩展」開催。600 号の油絵の大作『破壊される人間』など展示。
(46 years old)In November "Noroyoshi Ohrai's Oil painting exhibition"was held at Aoki Gallery in Miyazaki City. Exhibit such as 600 oil painting masterpiece "Destroyed People".

(47歳)東映アニメーション『FUTURE WAR 198X 年』のイメージイラストを担当。
2 冊目の画集となる『生賴範義 198X 年イラスト集』が講談社より刊行される。
(47 years old) He was in charge of image illustration of Toei animation's "FUTURE WAR 198X".
The second collection of art book "198X Illustration Collection" was published by Kodansha.

(48歳)制作に10 年を費やした『破壊される人間』を鹿児島県薩摩川内市の川内歴史資料館に寄贈した。
3 冊目の画集『生賴範義 イラストレーションⅡ〈幻魔世界〉』を徳間書店より刊行された。
(48 years old)"Destroyed People" Ohrai spent 10 years in production was donated to the Sendai Historical Museum in Satsuma Sendai-City,Kagoshima Prefecture.
The 3rd book collection "Noriyoshi Ohrai Illustration II <Genma World>" was published by Tokuma Shoten.

生賴はこの年から平成版ゴジラまで全 13 作品のうち、9 作品の宣伝用ポスターの原画を制作した。
(49 years old) "Godzilla" which production had been paused for a long time revives. He painted a poster.
From this year 13 Heisei edition Godzilla was made, he produced an original masterpiece of 9 Godzilla official posters for promotion.

(50歳)この年、生賴の仕事は書籍の装丁だけで年間 100 冊を超える。
(50years old) In this year, his work exceeded 100 books a year only by cover art.

(51歳)たばこの商業広告『HOPE MY WAY』シリーズのイラストレーションを制作。
(51 years old) Illustration of tobacco commercial advertisement "HOPE MY WAY" series was produced.

(53歳)月刊誌SFアドベンチャー〉」の表紙を飾った91 人の女性たちの作品を集めた4 冊目の画集『神話 THE BEAUTIES IN MYTHS』を徳間書店より刊行した。
(53 Year Old) "Sinwa THE BEAUTIES IN MYTHS "was published from Tokuma Shoten on the 4th book collection of works by 91 women who adorned the cover illustrations of Monthly Magazine "SF Adventure ".
In the same year, he worked on a package painting of the series "Water Margin(Suiko-den)" and "Nobunaga's Ambition(Nobunaga no Yabo)" series of history simulation games produced by Koei Tecmo Games, recorded a huge hit.

(61歳)60 歳を機にイラストの仕事を減らし油絵の制作に多くの時間を割くようになる。
(61 years old) As he gets 60 years old, he reduce the illustration work and spend a lot of time working on oil painting.

(71 years old) "Japan sink(Nippon Chinbotsu)" was filmed by Director Shinji Higuchi. Again, he drew a poster of the movie. Japan's ultimate terminal map of sinking of Hokkaido, Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Kyoto and Kyushu.

(76歳)5月 脳梗塞を発症。以後療養生活がつづく。
(76 years old) In May, Ohrai had a cerebral infarction. Afterwards medical treatment living continues.

(78歳)11月、宮崎県文化賞 芸術部門受賞。
(78 years old) Miyazaki Prefecture Cultural Awards Prize in Arts in November.

(79歳)2月 宮崎市のみやざきアートセンターにて初の大規模な展覧会『生賴範義展 THE ILLUSTRATOR』開催。
10月、平成26年度文化庁映画賞 映画功労部門受賞。
11月、5 冊目の画集『緑色の宇宙』が玄光社より刊行される。
(79 years old) In February, The first large-scale exhibition "Noriyoshi Ohrai Exhibition THE ILLUSTRATOR" was held at the Miyazaki Art Center in Miyazaki City.
In October He received the Cultural Agency Film Awards Film Achievement Category of 2014.
In November, the 5th art book "Green universe" was published by Genkoh-sha.

7月 みやざきアートセンターにて『生賴範義展Ⅱ 記憶の回廊』を開催。
10月27日 享年 79 歳にて永眠。
In July, The second large-scale exhibition "Noriyoshi Ohrai's Exhibition; The Corridor of Memories" was held at the Miyazaki Art Center.
He has departed to a long journy, at the age of 79 on October 27.

4月 第 36 回日本 SF 大賞 功績賞受賞。
7月 第 47 回星雲賞 アート部門受賞
12月 みやざきアートセンターにて『生賴範義展Ⅲ THE LAST ODYSSEY』を開催。同月、宮崎市の文化功績賞を受賞。
Received the 36th Japan SF Awards Achievement Award in April.
In April,
The exhibition was held for the first time after Ohrai past away. The place was Akashi Municipul Culture Museun where Ohrai's birthplace.
Awarded the 47th Nebula Award Art category in July
In December, the third large-scale exhibition "Noriyoshi Ohrai's ExhibitionⅢ THE LAST ODYSSEY" was held at Miyazaki Art Center. In the same month, Miyazaki City Cultural Achievement Award was received.

4月 生賴範義 展 大分市美術館にて開催。
Noriyoshi Ohrai Exhibition was held at Oita Municipal Museum

1月 東京・上野の森美術館で「生賴範義 展 THE ILLSTRATOR」開催。
In January, the large-scale exhibition "Noriyoshi Ohrai's ExhibitionⅢ THE LAST ODYSSEY" was held at Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo.